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Where the First Thanksgiving Took Place

Historical Digression

The image depicted here is probably the sort of thing that many people picture when they think of the first Thanksgiving. I, for one, remember images like this pinned to bulletin boards in my elementary school classrooms and it’s stuck with me. Although not completely accurate, it’s a fair enough representation of what took place. But did you ever wonder where, specifically, this scene played out? We all know it was Plymouth, but where, exactly?

Before we get to where, a little bit about the image itself and what actually happened that fall in 1621. The painting was done around 1912 by artist Jean Leon Gerome Ferris. Ferris was born in Philadelphia in 1863. He produced this painting as part of a series of 78 depictions of important moments in American history which he called “The Pagent of a Nation,” the largest such compilation of artwork.

There are a…

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