About this blog

I am a PhD candidate in American History, a former museum and historical society director of roughly 20 years, author of local history, and sometimes Civil War reenactor.

I started this blog as a means of sharing some observations on historical figures and places that inspire me. My expertise lies in the antebellum and Civil War eras, and so the majority of my articles focus on that time period. But I would not necessarily characterize this as a “Civil War blog” as I often delve into other centuries–also, at times, into local history and folklore. So, the subject matter of this blog is, you might say, eclectic. Some of the articles fall under the category of “musings” while others take a more academic approach.

Hopefully, others find a bit of historical inspiration in these entries too.

64 responses to “About this blog

  • nora m reilly

    Hi Patrick,

    My name is Nora and my mother has owned and lived it The Hillside house ( Benjamin Marston Watson prior residence) on Summer st in Plymouth for several years now. I would love to help her preserve what is left of the hillside and plan on restarting the modest garden she has in the spring. Bamboo has become quite a challenge and money is always an issue but Id love to invite you over and hear your thoughts.

    • Patrick Browne

      How nice of you to get in contact. As you perhaps could tell from the article, I admire that house and feel it’s one of Plymouth’s most important historical sites. I’ll contact you by e-mail and we can discuss.

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