Massachusetts at Gettysburg

Gettysburg banner

Leading up to the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg in 2013, I began a series of articles, each detailing the experiences of a different Massachusetts unit at Gettysburg. There were a total of 18 regiments of infantry, 1 regiment of cavalry, 4 batteries of light artillery and 2 companies of sharpshooters from Massachusetts present at Gettysburg. I may not write about each and every unit, but I will nonetheless continue to add to this series until, hopefully, I have covered most of them.

Articles written as part of the series thus far are as follows:

1st Massachusetts Infantry

2nd Massachusetts Infantry

7th Massachusetts Infantry

9th Massachusetts Infantry

11th Massachusetts Infantry

12th Massachusetts Infantry

13th Massachusetts Infantry

15th Massachusetts Infantry

19th Massachusetts Infantry

22nd Massachusetts Infantry

28th Massachusetts Infantry

33rd Massachusetts Infantry

3rd Massachusetts Battery

9th Massachusetts Battery

2 responses to “Massachusetts at Gettysburg

  • Bill Hallett

    Thank you for this listing. I would like to add the 40th NY (aka the Mozart Regt). Four of the ten companies were from Massachusetts. These men fought throughout the war, but at Gettysburg, they were in the Valley of Death facing Devil’s Den.

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